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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

13 weeks!

So you know how sometimes you have a friend and you kind of lose track of her and fall out of touch . . . and then before you know it, weeks (or months!) have gone by and you haven't talked and then you feel all awkward about calling her? That's how I have been about my little blog lately. *embarrassed*

The whirlwind of managing life with D and trying to get through the first trimester have just had me distracted! Not only have I neglected writing, I have MAJORLY neglected reading the wonderful thoughts of so many of my friends! Many apologies . . .

Anyway, today I roll over the big 13 weeks. I was reading on my MDC due date club that one might consider 13.5 weeks to technically mark the beginning of the 2nd trimester. WOO HOO! My energy level is steadily coming back . . . I don't crash into bed as soon as I lay D down for a nap or for bed. I am still pretty nauseated, but nothing like it has been.

Anyway, I hope to be on a little more now and again.

Thanks for your patience. :)