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Thursday, September 20, 2007

long "I," as in Doolittle . . .

It's a miracle! Both girls asleep at the same time. That's the first time that has happened!

Would you believe I started this post yesterday at 3:30?

To begin with, a huge thank you to each person who left comments and sent emails of congratulations. What a blessing it was to come home to such kind, sweet words. I can hardly believe that it's been two weeks since we welcomed Aliza into our family. In some ways, I feel I have lived a whole lifetime in those two weeks; and in other ways, it seems like just the blink of an eye ago that I was hugely pregnant with anticipation.


Some insight on her name: We settled on her name weeks before her birth but the night before her birthday, The Coach started to have doubts. Ack! Men! We talked through some other of our favorite names and decided to sleep on it. Well on the way to the hospital, we were still discussing. The conversation continued through check-in and on into the pre-op room. The Coach wanted Little Sister to have a name that lends itself to going by her initials. As much as we loved the name Eliza, neither of us were totally sold on the initials "EJ." (No offense to any EJ's! I had a student when I was teaching who went by EJ and he was a challenge, to say the least.) I can't remember if it was him or me who suggested spelling her name with an A, but I do know I insisted he use his PC phone to go to and check the meaning of the name spelled with an A. (Name meanings are freakishly important to the inner linguist in me!) As it turns out, Aliza is Hebrew for "joyful." The minute he read that off the screen to me, I knew with unshakable certainty that yes! This was to be Little Sister's name.

Joyful Joy.

That's a lot of name to live up to, yet it is the most remarkable way to describe Aliza. She is an utter joy to have in our family. Content. Laid-back. Sweet. Snuggly. We just can't get enough of her. Well, everyone, that is, except for Dacey who is totally NOT sold on the idea or presence of Little Sister. We think she'll warm up eventually, but only time will tell if the Unthroned Princess will be able to move from irritable tolerance to deep sisterly love.

I wouldn't be doing my job as Proud Mommy of Two if I didn't share some pictures, so if you don't mind . . .

Beautiful, light eyes . . . when they are open, they are full of wonder at this new world.

Home from the hospital . . .

She sleeps . . . and sleeps . . . and sleeps . . . I am fully aware that this will change as she wakes up to the world, but for now - what a blessing!

My first outing with the girls

And yesterday before her two week appointment

Big Sister and Little Sister. Yes, I would bet they can be friends.