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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Her Royal Highness Requests . . .

So here's a question for the weekend . . .
If you are the Mommy to a Princess, can you yourself be a Princess as well?

Evidently, the answer is (at least sometimes) yes.

My sweet new friend (and gorgeously gifted writer) Megan at Fried Okra has bestowed upon me the I'm a Blogging Princess award!
Thank you, Megan! Really, if ya'll haven't added Megan to your trusty feed reader by now, you are sorely missing out. That girl can get me to giggling like no other, but there are many beautifully written truths in the midst of the hilarity as well.

So I believe it is now my turn to bestow the honor on two more Bloggin' Princesses:

First, another blogger blessed with a great name: Meghan at Pyreflies over Zanarkland. (Meghan has that added "h" in her name that I so wantonly coveted when I was growing up. Oh, how I begged my parents to let me legally change the spelling of my name! Alas, at age thirty, I think I have finally found peace in being "h-less.") Meghan is an outrageously gifted photographer, writer, and mommy. She was my inspiration to start a blog myself and was a great source of encouragement when I was first getting my feet wet around here. Plus, she and her Prince just found themselves a new castle, so I think it's time we make her title official!

Secondly, I am passing this award on to Christy at After a Cup of Coffee or Two . Christy is a funny and courageous mom who openly shares the ups-and-downs of the life of a military wife. In the past month or so she has had to handle everything from a dastardly dishwasher to potty training - all on her own. More than anything, I think this says it all! Someone give this woman a tiara!

So that takes care of that business.

Now, on to my royal request . . .

I am going to make one more plea for all of you readers who haven't yet "checked the box" to go ahead and check that little guy. Katherine at Raising Five wrote on this again this week, and her clickable link in that post explains the how and why to check the box far better than I can.
And yes, I know some are hesitant to reveal their personal email address in the blogosphere. Not to worry! It's super easy to create one just for blogging. I have chosen gmail to handle my blog mail and am quite happy with the choice. One of my fave features of gmail is I can easily have all of my blog emails forwarded to a personal email account so I am not constantly checking separate accounts during the day. If you would like to open a gmail account, I have many invites available! Just let me know. Seriously, people.

Now, while you are out tootling around in blogland this weekend (because my gosh, isn't it too hot to do much of anything else?!), here are some things to keep ya busy:

You can go meet my "mind twin" Laura at Sweet Awakenings. Laura and I have known each other for a little over two years (already?!) in what started as a message board friendship. It's scary to me sometimes how much she truly does read my mind. Take a minute to peruse her Rebel Mama post and you will have my parenting philosophies in a nutshell.

Melissa of Little Woolgatherings recently rolled out the shiny new Melissa Garrett ~ A Writer's Woolgatherings. Go check out her new digs!

Ever creative in her ability to get bloggers writing and mingling, Jordan at MamaBlogga is hosting BlogOlympics next week! This looks to be great fun.

Finally, if you are itchin' for an exhilarating read on what God is doing world away from here, check out Beth Moore's report on her recent trip to Africa.

If you're looking for me this weekend, I'll be set up somewhere with my feet in buckets of ice water and the floor fan directed primarily on me and set to high . . .