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Thursday, November 01, 2007

SortaCrunchy Q&A #1 - Dream Vacation

Hi everyone! Hope the end of your October was great and included lots of thorough teeth brushing.

We are kicking off NaBloPoMo today! As promised, I will spend the month answering questions from ya'll, and when I run out of questions I may just start asking you some questions. Stay tuned to find out!

Today's question is from the very sweet, very busy mama-to-five Julie of love, laughter, and laundry. She asks, "If money or time was not a concern where would you chose to vacation with your family? How long until you got homesick and would want to come home? Would you want to bring extended family with you, or just take your hubby and kids?"

Thank you, Julie, for getting me started!

Oh, for a real vacation! Sounds dreamy. Because we live so far from family, the precious time that The Coach has for vacation is most often spent visiting family and friends in our beloved Oklahoma. I don't think we have taken an honest-to-goodness vacation since our honeymoon!

Let's see, I think I could be pretty well delighted with a nice little jaunt through the nation of Greece with a cruise through the Greek Isles for dessert. Studying Greek myth was one of my favorite courses as an English major, and I can only imagine how fascinating it would be to walk through history there while soaking up the current Grecian culture.

As far as length of the trip, I have to say that both The Coach and I are major homebodies. Our ten day tours through Oklahoma often leave us longing for our little home. I am thinking a maximum of two weeks away from home is about all either of us could handle.

I do love both of our families dearly, but I don't think I would be great at vacationing with them. I have this weird thing were I tend to think I am exclusively responsible for making sure guests are enjoying themselves. I imagine if extended family went on vaca with us, this weird quirk of mine would translate into me checking on everyone every half hour or so . . . "You doin' okay? Can I get you anything? You havin' fun?" So yeah - just the SortaCrunchy fam would be most enjoyable for me, I do believe. Particularly if all the SortaCrunchy kiddos are out of diapers!

Thanks again, Julie, for the questions!

Please feel free to offer up more questions as the month goes by. No question will go unanswered!