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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


GOODNESS! I am awful blogger!

Here's the thing . . . I have dozens of ideas rolling around in my head for things to post about, but then when I sit down to write, I find it has all evaporated somewhere. BUT I just ordered these darling little scribble pads from Becky's Paper Creations so hopefully I can jot down some notes when I am out and about and thoughts of sheer genius strike.

Additionally, I am really, really trying to limit my computer time to times when Dacey is asleep and/or engrossed in a movie . . . errrr, um, I mean diligently and quietly playing with her lacing beads all by herself which she does a LOT. Really though, the main gist of the speech therapy we are working on with her is to encourage her to be verbal through play. So I feel super guilty about jacking around on the computer when she is up because I know there are really are things we should be doing together.

But seriously, I want to be better about blogging. I am really going to try to post at least one entry a week, and I think Tuesdays are a good day because I start each new week of pregnancy on each Tuesday. Seventeen weeks today! Hooray!