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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Blogiversary to me!

As Miss D would say, "Hit! Hit! HOORAY!"

Today is SortaCrunchy's big ol' two year blogiversary.

Can't believe it's been two whole years since I nestled into this little corner of the blogosphere. I am not going to link back to my very first post because it's quite anti-climatic. Sure, look it up from my archives if you want to, but personally, I wouldn't bother.

If you read my posts directly from the SortaCrunchy homepage, you may have seen the note at the top of my sidebar inviting you to be here on January 2nd. Curious? Here's why!

I don't think I can ever quite express how much my readers mean to me. Within this little group are very dear, very wonderful friends from my community; there are friends I have known for over three years via mommy message boards (including Meghan to whom I owe all my inspiration to blog to begin with); and there are friends who have happened my way quite unexpectedly from points near and far through the wide world of blogging.

I wanted to celebrate my readers today with two surprise prizes. (We are just all about the giveaways these days, huh!)

The first prize I am awarding goes to the reader who has left the most comments in the past year. Calculating these was no small task, let me assure you! You sweet friends are so generous with your feedback around here. I genuinely would love to give each and every one of you a token of thanks for making blogging so delightful for me! But that might mean my family going without groceries for the month, and The Coach prefers a menu that stretches beyond ramen noodles and celery sticks, so I must restrain my gift-giving.

The reader with the most comments from January 2007 to today is my dear friend LORI of Fairytales and Margaritas! Lori, please go over to Just Being Notesy and pick out what you would like on a set of custom cards made just for you. Email me what you want and I will take care of ordering a set for you. Love you, mama!

Since I am celebrating TWO years of blogging today, I wanted to give away TWO gifts. The second gift is a random selection. I figured I have posted about 168 times this year. I took out the three giveaway posts and my blogroll post and went to for help in randomly picking a post. Funnily enough, it picked one of my favorite posts from the past year - See the Fine Lady Upon the High Horse. That little entry gathered nine comments, and so again, chose a number for me. Number eight - my dear and delightful friend Megan at FriedOkra! How fun it was to pick out a thanks-for-commenting gift for newly with-child-number-two Megan! Here's what I found from one of my verrrrrrrry fave handmade soap makers - Frost Fish Cove Soaps: a Body Worship Butter Blend stick to ward off stretch marks and cure cold skin blues AND some relaxing massage oil so hubby can take care of your child-bearing self! Email me your address, mama, and I will get these sent to you.

What I had really wanted to do was what Gretchen at Lifenut did recently in her Thank you Thanksgiving post and link to every person who commented here in the last year. Alas, that plan did not come to fruition, but maybe next year. Next January, I plan to offer THREE little thank you prizes to my dear friends who take a minute away from their busy lives to hang out with me here.

Really, ya'll. Thank you. I can't say it enough.