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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I get to giggling . . .

For some reason, all of my bloggy thoughts lately have been a little uncharacteristically Debbie Downer-ish in nature (mostly my thoughts, not so much what I am actually posting). I think a Thursday Thirteen about things that make me laugh might help me to perk up a little!

Here's to things that make me chuckle . . .

1. All of NBC's Thursday night line-up,
2. but particularly The Office
3. and Shrute-Space (but come on, Dwight! Update already!).
4. Christmas Vacation. I have seen it one point two cajillion times, but still I laugh - every time.
5. I am the biggest dork ever, but I laugh out loud when I watch America's Funniest Home videos. A lot. An embarrassing amount of laughter.
6. Toots. All kinds. Baby toots, daddy toots, stranger in the grocery store aisle toots. (Mommy doesn't toot, of course. And we don't say the f-a-r-t word in this house.)
7. Pachelbel bedtime
8. A lot, a lot, a lot of Mommy Bloggers who are so much more witty than I could ever be
9. like DeeDee
10. and Megan to name just a few. I mean really, there are so many that actually make me laugh out loud. Such sweet medicine.
11. D's Texas accent. She says "dog" with a long "o" and "bye" with a staccato "BI!"
12. The way AJ tries to latch on to Daddy's lips when he gives her kisses. Hilarious. I need to get it on video . . .
13. Oh my gosh, I hope no one takes me off of their blogroll for this, but Family Guy. I know! I know! It's AWFUL!!! I never watched it until our Fox station started showing re-runs at 10:30 every night. It's usually the last thing I catch before bed and it's kind of nice to go to sleep chuckling. . .

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