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Monday, February 19, 2007

Top Three

Top Three reasons I can never fully sell-out to vegetarian living:

1) brisket
2) beef ribs
3) Sonic hamburgers

Yesterday morning as we left church, the aroma of barbeque warmed the air. I was enjoying a brief respite from the all-day, everyday nausea. I had to have some BEEF! Oh my, it was delicious. And I never feel so disconnected from my vegetarian tendencies as I do when gnawing on a big old beef rib.

And Sonic hamburgers - I don't know . . . Just good stuff!

I want to thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement on my post about D weaning. It hasn't been as tear-free as I had hoped. After going through several leaky, uncomfortable days as the last of my milk dried up, D started asking for milk again after naps. When I would tell her mommy's milk is all gone, her face would just crumple and she would start to cry. Break a mama's heart! But she is easily enough distracted, so I think we are going to be okay. :)

Baby news: We got our first peek at Baby #2 on Friday! One little bean with two arms, two legs, and a good strong heartbeat has taken up full residence in my womb. It was oh so thrilling to see this one in action. Pretty much makes the last seven weeks of feeling crappy all worth it!!