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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Love me, love my friends . . .

FIRST - thank you SO much to all who responded with helpful words and just commiseration vibes on the discipline issue. I so appreciate all the links. This is very much an ongoing issue between DH and I and I feel quite sure this topic will be revisited.

Secondly, many in the blogosphere are familiar with the NaBloPoMo concept.

Some of my sweet, dear friends are blogging it up all month, and I want to point you in their directions . . . They are already on my listed on my blog links; I just want you to know they will have much depth and insight to offer you this month (much more than I have to offer, I assure you!) - so don't miss out on the worthwhile reading!

Kudos to Kulia, Meghan, and Ingrid.