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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something TINY happened!

I've already shared this scoop with my message board amigas, but I am so in love I can't keep quiet!

A few months ago, I loaned our baby swing to the wonderful and sweet mama who owns Full Circle Baby. Full Circle Baby is a darling brick and morter (and online) natural family living shop in the town just south of us, and Lisa helped me get my start in cloth diapering. Last week, she emailed to say they were done with the swing, and could she pay back the favor by passing on some of their newborn diapers? Um, YES!! This was, of course, so totally not necessary as it was no bother at all to let that swing out of the house to a home where it would be used and loved for a while.

Imagine my surprise and true delight when we were given all of THIS by sweet Lisa:

I mean, seriously.

Have you ever seen anything so sweet in your life?! (Well, okay, maybe a FEW things are sweeter, but not many!)

So I have been fondling and petting them and trying to imagine this little Sweet Thing swimming inside me actually wearing these. Oh, the delight!

And now, I am afraid, the shop-for-cloth bug has bitten me once again. I am using Super Woman amounts of self-control to not buy up every tiny little diaper and cover I see! Preparing for an in-town move next month has left our budget crying for mercy, so Mr. Post Man will have a few months of rest before the avalanche of fluffy mail makes its way south.

Oh yeah! I am 23 weeks today, and I think that I can now say I am six months pregnant. Does that sound right?