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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To say that I am totally into the blogging community right now would be the sort of understatement that can only be equaled by something along the lines of Texas in the summer can get a little hot and humid . . .

Everyday I come across fun and fascinating blogs; my bloglines feeds are fat and sassy and I am loving it!

Anyway, one bloggy mama I am crazy loving right now is Boo Mama. Don't let her humble subtitle fool ya - she has hundreds of readers! Today's post on the heartbreak of our children growing up is reflective and poignant (and funny), and there is a little something in most every one of her entries that at least gets me to giggling . . . more often than not, though, I am laughing out loud.

So anyway, just thought all six of my readers might like the heads-up on her. Good blog times!