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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Babywearing photo tag!

I'll tell ya what . . . this moving business is seriously interfering with my computer time! I can't say nearly as much as I want to! As I am packing, I have written countless posts in my head and feel quite confident they will have disappeared by the time we settle in to the new house. *big sigh* Anyway.

Sweet Friends Lori and Shannon have posted pictures for Whitney's photo tag of babywearing, and I wanted to get one quick picture up while I have just few minutes!

My favorite picture of D being worn is this one:

This is one of my favorites of many babywearing pictures because the sling I am wearing is a CassieBeanie Ring Sling, made by my Sweet Friend Shannon. (Yes! I know the shoulder desperately needs to be ajdusted. It was one of those off moments!) We have had a lot of slings come and go in the ol' stash, but this is the only one made by someone I know. It's the perfect length and perfect fabric for us. I still carry it in the car for "just in case" even though it has been a long time since I could get D's long ol' legs to fit in.

I got hooked on babywearing because D refused to lay in her carseat carrier while we grocery shopped. (Think of that unique newborn shriek little ones can let loose with when they are not happy, and that is what I mean by refused!) One trip through the store with her in one arm and pushing a cart with the other was enough to convince me we had to find a better solution. My very first ever carrier was an Evenflo Snugli. *blush* Then a friend in an online community posted pictures of her wearing her son in a Lucky Baby pouch. Just one look . . . that was all it took . . .

Right now, our carrier stash is pretty sparse. I have an Ergo (on loan to a friend), our CBRS, a Chicken Scratch Ring Sling, and a WAHM made pouch (can't remember where I got that one). Before Little Sister arrives, I would like to get a Moby for those newborn days, and then I will have to have another Mei Tai.

Fun tag, Whitney! Thank you!