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Friday, June 15, 2007

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude . . .

Happy, happy Friday morning to ya, sweet friends and readers!

Two BIG things:

1) Changes in latitude - Today is the day we pick up the keys to our First! Ever! House! Nine years of apartment living have been, well, okay. God has provided exactly what we needed at exactly the right time. But from the day we stepped off the plane from our honeymoon and drove home to our Married Student Housing hovel apartment, I've had a burning desire and unceasing ache in my soul to have a little house to come home to. We are literally changing our latitude by a few clicks on the compass as our move will take us from the very south edge of our little Hill Country town all the way up to the north edge. I am so excited for a new neighborhood! You can be sure there will be more on this later . . .

2) Changes in attitude - SO! What do you think of SortaCrunchy's new look?! I am so thrilled by Jules's work! The most gorgeous surprise in all of this was that I had told her that my favorite color is purple, but I wasn't sure how that could fit into the overall vision I had for SortaCrunchy. Imagine my delight in how she found a way to make it work perfectly!! Thank you, thank you again, Jules. And for all my blogarina friends who are thinkin' about a makeover of your own, I cannot say enough good things about working with Jules!

Hand in hand with the new look here will be some changes to content. For a long time, I tried to focus my posts on parenting issues - natural parenting, specifically. At this point, however, I feel I am not being true to the complete picture of my sortacrunchy self because I have refrained from incorporating my spiritual beliefs in my writing. I know it's taking a slight risk because I know that several (many?) of my readers differ from me in spiritual backgrounds and beliefs, and so I hope I don't drive anyone away with this new direction. My overall vision is to allow this blog to represent the intersection between a faith in Christ (and what that looks like lived out) and choosing natural living as part of life on this planet. I am a little scared but mostly a lot excited to see how this will play out.

Thanks for being such amazing readers and friends. Stay tuned!