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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yes, but what shall we call her?

What does it say about me as a writer that I am much more prone to posting lists these days than anything of substance?

At any rate, here's my first ever Thursday Thirteen!

Little Sister remains nameless. This causes no small amount of grrrrrrr for me when everyone - EVERYONE! - is asking if we have picked a name yet. Granted, The Coach and I won't reveal her name until she arrives, but there's a difference in telling people "no, not yet!" with a grin because we are being coy, and telling people "no, not yet!" because we are fairly convinced there just is not a name out there for this child.

When we came across Dacey's name, we just knew. It spoke to us. It sang to us. It took a while to find it, but when we found it, we knew. That magic moment hasn't happened yet as we have gone through name negotiations this time. I do have to say on hubby's behalf that he is being much more reasonable this time. He still isn't making name lists of his own, but rather than meeting each suggestion with "NO!" or instantly coming up with every possible awful playground nickname a name could create, he has offered up lots of "hmmmmm . . . maybe . . ."

So, here are thirteen names on the list right now. In no particular order.

Oh, and the meaning of a name is fairly important to me, so I have included their meanings.

And her middle name will be Joy. Or maybe Kate. But probably Joy.

1. Adeline Joy (nickname Addie; Kyle's great-aunt's name was Adeline)
noble, kind

2. Jocelyn Joy (or possible Jocelyn Anne)

3. Daphne Joy
of the laurel tree

4. Kalila Joy
A darling girl, sweetheart

5. Laura Joy/Lauren Joy
crowned with laurel

6. Tierney Joy
One who is regal, lordly

7. Misha Joy (long e sound, as in mee sha)
who is like God? love the meaning of this one

8. Mia Joy
who is like God?

9. Laila Joy
a beauty of the night

10. Leisl Joy (our last name is German and pairing it with Leisl is really unique)
my God is bountiful

11. Lizbeth Joy
my God is bountiful

12. Cara Joy
one who is loved

13. Alaina Joy
beautiful and fair; dear child

I covet your feedback! Thoughts on these? And suggestions for others? Maybe someone out there needs to delurk today to offer up just the right name for this child. I am open to feedback of all kinds!