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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I wanted to take a minute to say a HUGE thank you to Christy at After a Cup of Coffee . . . or Two. I have really enjoyed getting to know Christy though her blog. She has a straightforward, honest way about her that I so appreciate. Anyway, this sweet thing has bestowed upon me the award of

What a fun surprise and great treat! I rolled over 31 weeks today and I feel anything but rockin'. Sweaty? Yes. Stinky? Yes. Gassy? It's not pretty. So to know that in the realm of blogland anyone would consider me to be rockin' totally makes my day!

Now, the way I understand it is I now get to choose five fellow blogistas to receive this award. This is so hard, ya'll! I have many, many friends who blog. (Seriously, have you checked out my blogroll? It's insane.) In addition to all of my bloggin friends, I have a Google Reader that spilleth over with bloggy goodness. Ay yi yi! I have given this way more thought than is necessary, I am sure . . .

First two go to Reesh at Two Pink Lines and Birdie at BirdBrain. Each of these rockin' girls are also expecting new babes in September. Reesh is an all-out crunchy superstar and looks totally rockin these days. Birdie is expecting baby numero uno and I have so loved reliving all those wonderful first pregnancy thoughts through her blog.

The next two go to two wonderful friends of mine. These were the hardest to choose because I really think each and every one of my bloggin' friends totally rocks! Lori at Fairytales and Margaritas is an amazing mama to four, babywearing advocate, and outstanding mama role model to me. She is one of the most generous and thoughtful women I have ever met and I feel so honored to call her friend. Julie at Peaceful Chaos keeps me laughing and thinking and always ready to hear more with her fun and reflective writing.

Finally, someone I have really enjoyed getting to know in blogland is Jordan at MamaBlogga. I love that she hosts writing projects that have inspired great writing across the web. Blog-savvy but very down-to-earth, her blog is a great mix of advice, encouragement, and reflection.

So there we go. Feel free to share the love, ladies!