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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stoked! And some link love

I don't say the word stoked very often. But I have to tell ya'll I am stoked about the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway carnival that Shannon is hosting next week! Check it:
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Doesn't that just look like the most fun?! Yep, stoked I tell ya! I was already planning to do some kind of little giveaway but felt kind of shy about when to do it and how to get the word out. Then presto! Shannon to the rescue! I haven't quite decided what I am giving away yet, but I have a few ideas a'cookin. Stay tuned!

A few links I wanted to mention:

Melissa at Little Woolgatherings is starting the neatest thing - Craftacular Tuesdays! Now, I have nary a crafty bone in my body, but I have plenty o' crafty friends who absolutely need to be participating. (Don't make me call you out!)

I sure do love reading Megan at Velveteen Mind. Take a few minutes, if you would, and go read her Johnny Depp-tastic post and the follow-up reflections for at-home moms . . .

Finally, and oh-so-importantly, I wanted to send you over to yet another Megan's blog (FriedOkra) because I know you will want to read about her upcoming Baby Blanket Auction benefiting Princess Teagan. Please take just a minute to read Teagan's story and consider participating in this Random Act of Kindness for this family.