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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ROLL CALL! (pretty please?!)

Hello my dear, sweet, lovely friends and readers! Have I mentioned how gorgeous you look today? I haven't? Well, let me tell you - from where I sit, you look gorgeous, darlings. That color really brings out the brown/blue/green in your eyes. You should totally wear it more often.

Do feel as if you are being buttered up? Good call. You are.

I need a favor!

As I mentioned yesterday, we have less than a week until The Big Bloggy Move. This feels like a good time for me to stop and think on my readership. For some sorta crazy reason, traffic through this crunchy spot has grown dramatically since last summer. (And by dramatically, I mean that I can be pretty sure I have more than six readers now.) Although SortaCrunchy is my lil' home on the virtual range to share that which is important to me, my readers are never far from my mind. I would love to get a snapshot of who is reading these days.

Plus, as you regulars know, I've been known to toss out a random giveaway now and again (and if you like giveaways, you will DEFINITELY want to be around next Monday on Moving Day!) and it would be tremendously helpful to know what you guys are "into." (As far as giveaways go, I mean. I am sure there are other things you are "into" but you most assuredly do not have to share those things with me. Unless you want to. I'm always up for some inspiring ideas!)

Anyway, could you guys indulge me in a roll call? If you stop by here fairly regularly, I would love to know two things - if you have children (how many?) and whether you consider yourself not at all crunchy, totally crunchy, or sorta crunchy (like me). Those two pieces o' information would be supremely helpful. If you just want to share other things (where you live, how you found me, just whatever), then you go right ahead and do that, too.

Many, many, many thanks, friends!