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Monday, February 05, 2007

plugging along

Hi friends!

Thanks for all the feedback and checking up on me.

I am still sick pretty much all day, every day. Actually, I take that back. Mornings are fine. But starting right after lunch and lasting until I go to bed, I just feel so sick and miserable. It has really cut back on my online socializations!

In other news, we celebrated D's 2nd birthday with a nice, quiet family party. We figure we have many years of princess tea parties and overnighters ahead of us - we may as well have one last low-key celebration. Also, D starts speech therapy this month, and we are so excited for that. She tests at only the 12-15 month level for expressive language, so we are hoping to learn some strategies that will encourage her to use that beautiful voice of hers.

The dilema about how/when/where to deliver this next babe continues to plauge my thoughts. Kyle and I will have to decide soon, so hopefully by the end of this week, we will have some clarity and direction.

Thanks again for checking in on me!