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Saturday, May 26, 2007

On comments and email

Something has been puzzling me. Well, a lot of things puzzle me, but the solution to this particular puzzle may be enlightening to some of my friends and readers.

Two of the bloggers I so enjoy reading - Michelle at Scribbit and Katherine at Raising Five do a spectacular job of sending a quick email to me when I leave a comment for them. I love it! It makes me feel really connected to them and their writing and it definitely inspires me to stay tuned in to what they have to say.

No amount of head-scratching and Blogger searching turned up an answer to my question of "how are these ladies doing this?" so I just up and asked them both. Both had the same reply, but I am notoriously awful at explaining things, so I am going to direct you to Katherine's post on the topic - Comment Mystery Solved - and let you read for yourselves. Read the comments, too, as they have some extra insights.

Thanks to Michelle and Katherine both for taking the time to solve this mystery for me.

And gentle readers, if you would like to hear back from me after having taken a little time to leave me a comment, then make sure you have your "show my email address" box checked, too!