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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Super! Cool! Contest!

Oh, friends. This is exciting!

First of all, thanks to AnnaLiza at Ventanahoos Candid, I have had the joy of discovering yet another amazing and super cool blog. And this blog mistress is having a very cool, very fun contest - but it ends Friday morning at 9 CST, so hurry, my friends! Hurry over Adventures in Babywearing to enter her giveaway to Mason & Matisse! Since we are having a little baby boom in my online community, I know I don't have to twist anyone's arm to browse the hip and chic collections Mason & Matisse carries . . . and while you are there, check out this toddler bedding! Rad, right?

But, so yeah - how I have not stumbled across Adventures in Babywearing before tonight?! Although I don't write about it nearly enough here, babywearing is a serious passion of mine. So looking forward to reading more from this cool mama. Ahhhhhh, yes. Babywearing. That reminds me. I've got some serious shopping to do . . .