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Monday, June 11, 2007

Father's Day Giveaway!

Can you handle one more post from me today? I hope so, because by the end of this week, I am sure to be knee deep in boxes and soaked with sweat . . . not a pretty place from which to write.

I wanted to let everyone know that Jules at Everyday Mommy is honoring both daddies and mamas of boys with a really neat Father's Day Giveaway!! I've already emailed a heads-up on this giveaway to my mama friends here in town who are raising up some amazing young men, but I want to make sure my online community sees this, too. Meghan! Colleen! Karen! Lori! Keara! Amanda! Mandy, Devon, Yan, Nichole, Sara, Lauren . . . and anyone else I left out -- this means you! I have heard stories of your wild boys and been fortunate enough to actually meet a few of them. I so hope you will take a minute to write up something for the masses to read and enjoy. And hey - you just might win what looks to be a spectacular book!