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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pardon me while I freak out

A few things on my Freak Out list:

Freak Out Number One - Twelve weeks from today, we are scheduled to welcome Little Sister into our little family. Twelve weeks, ya'll! Do you know how not-really-all-that-long that is?! Do you know how utterly unprepared I am?

Freak Out Number Two - This is a really great, really fun kind of freak out. I am working with Jules of Everyday Mommy (and Everyday Design) to bring a brand new look to SortaCrunchy! We had a great chat yesterday about the plans, and I am so thrilled that she and I are on the same page. I absolutely cannot wait to see how it all comes together!!
(In case you were wondering, she is behind the brilliant designs at Rocks in My Dryer, Velveteen Mind, Chili Tried, and other lovelies!!!) A very, very good freak out, indeed.

Freak Out Number Three - (Okay, this really isn't a freak out at all. I just find lists of three to be more complete than lists of two.) Just wanted to be able to say that nine years ago today, on a gorgeous Oklahoma summer day, within the walls of my hometown church, surrounded by family and friends, The Coach and I became husband and wife. (And I mean literally surrounded . . . I had eight bridesmaids, ya'll. EIGHT. The Coach had to do a little creative thinking to come up with an equal number of groomsmen.) Happy anniversary to my hubby (who already beat me to the anniversary greeting by texting me before he went to bed last night). I cannot wait to see what the next nine years hold in store for us.